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SkySauna Ferris Wheel in Helsinki, Finland

SkySauna Ferris Wheel in Helsinki, Finland

SkyWheel Helsinki is Finland’s answer to the London Eye. Opened up in 2014, its boasting a height of 40 meters and 30 climate-controlled cabins, allowing for year-round enjoyment of the vehicle. However, it became immediately clear that something was missing. Something so culturally connected to the Finnish people that it would only be a matter of time before it would happen. Two years later, the gap was filled with the SkySauna, world’s first sauna cabin inside a Ferris Wheel.

Unusual sauna attractions are a longstanding fixture in the Nordic nation, with saunas over the past few years installed in a ski gondola, suspended 300ft high from a crane, and even built inside a giant floating duck.  Having one in the heart of Helsinki only made sense in every way conceivable.

I was lucky enough to be near the Ferris Wheel on a beautiful sunny day, where a sauna was not necessary to warm up your bones. Fortunately, I’ve stayed in Finland for 3 more months afterwards, which provided me plenty of time to enjoy some of the stranger saunas in Finland.

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SkySauna Ferris Wheel in Helsinki, Finland