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Photography – RedBubble
For my photography work, shipping and payment is handled through RedBubble. Prices vary greatly from type of order, from simple art posters starting at 17 euros to canvas prints starting at 40 euros to extra large metal prints for over 100 euros. As these prices change, I recommend checking out the RedBubble link present in each of the photo pages. There, you can also choose what type of product you would like the photo printed on.

As for my artwork, I handle these myself through renowned suppliers in the Netherlands, as the artworks are vector-based. That means they can be enlarged onto infinity, but it also means that I have to manually increase the size before shipping to ensure a high quality print on your next truck cover ;-). Shipping is possible worldwide, and shipment prices vary from country to country.

A standard poster of 30x45cm on matte paper is priced at €25,-. A standard canvas print of 30x45cm is priced at €40,-. These prices include tax, processing and shipment within the Netherlands. However, prints can be delivered in various formats. These include canvas, metal, and poster prints in sizes smaller and larger than described above. Please get in touch with your specific request.

No RedBubble? No problem!

If there is no RedBubble button at the picture post, it means that that specific picture has not been made available on RedBubble as of yet. For these posts, prices are the same as for artwork: €25,- for a 30x45cm poster, and 40,- for a 30x45cm canvas print.