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Sainte-Victoire, Marseille, France

Sainte-Victoire, Marseille, France

Whenever you’re in the vicinity of Aix-en-Provence, visiting and viewing the Sainte-Victoire is an experience you won’t soon forget. This limestone mountain ridge towers above the surrounding meadow areas nearby, with the top reaching heights of more than a thousand meters.

The mountain is famous for its many appearances in the paintings of Paul Cézanne, who lived in a small house near Aix. These paintings, belonging to Post-Impressionism, are famed for Cézannes skills in analysis. He uses geometry to describe nature, and uses colors to represent the depth of objects.

Because of it’s towering appearance, the mountain is very photogenic from a wide range of viewpoints. I was mountainbiking near the Barrage de Bimont when I stumbled upon some beautifully colored flowers waving in the soft, warm spring breeze sweeping the lands in front of Sainte-Victoire. I specifically took the flowers as the focal point of this composition, as to lead the eye into the picture through these flowers. The mountain is kept slightly blurry on purpose as to create a softer, more easy-on-the-eyes overal composition, yet not too blurry that the mountain is no longer distinguishable.

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Sainte-Victoire, Marseille, France