Growing up in a family of fanatic photography hobbyists, we would be carrying four cameras whenever we went on holiday. My sister, father, mother, and me all had one. This would often result in many similar pictures taken during such a trip, and of course we all loved our own the most. An advantage, however, of taking four photography enthoustiasts on a trip every year is that you learn a lot from each other. My mother, for example, would focus on taking lots of photos of flowers and small animal life, from insects to squirrels, and is very well developed into macro photography. On the other hand, my father prefers architectual photography and mostly travels from town to town in his free time to take pictures of churches and organs.

Me? I see myself as an opportunistic photographer, not focusing on a specific subject or setting. I take photos of what I find worthy of photographing in the moment. Wherever I travel, so does my camera. My portfolio of pictures cover wildlife, sweeping landscape, architecture, macro, city-scapes, people, portrait shoots.. The list goes on.

The pictures that I am most proud of are displayed on this site, which are for sale to hang on your wall. These pictures are obtained throughout the years and stand out to me as they tell a unique story that no other picture I have made so far conveys. Do check out the description of the pictures for more information.

Furthermore, I ocassionaly do digital art projects. Most recently, I have been working on the series of 2019’s Formula 1 World Championship cars. Be sure to check them out in the artwork section.

For hire
I’m also available for hire! I’ve done portrait photography, landscapes and event photography in the past. Do contact me if you’re interested, and we can discuss details.