Growing up in a family of fanatic photography hobbyists, we would be carrying four cameras whenever we went on holiday. My sister, father, mother, and me all had one. This would often result in many similar pictures taken during such a trip, and of course we all loved our own the most. An advantage, however, of taking four photography enthoustiasts on a trip every year is that you learn a lot from each other. My mother, for example, would focus on taking lots of photos of flowers and small animal life, from insects to squirrels, and is very well developed into macro photography. On the other hand, my father prefers architectual photography and mostly travels from town to town in his free time to take pictures of churches and organs.

Me? I’m a Racing Photographer. Over the years I’ve honed my craft mostly through Portrait, Landscape and Sports photography. The essence of a good racing photo is a combination of these crafts: the car (Portrait) and setting (Landscape) need to be in unison. Being able to capture that at speed (Sports) is what makes a racing photo great.

I have started taking photography seriously in 2019. I recognize that going to the top requires dedication, hard work and growth opportunities. You will see the fruits of my labour in the world of racing photography over the coming years at this website. Hope you enjoy!

Work opportunities

Do get in touch with me if you would like to discuss photography opportunities in a racing scene. I am currently looking for Pro Bono work in order to grow my portfolio.